About Us

Wushu Federation of Asia (WFA) is an international Wushu organization established in September 25th, 1987 in Yokohama, Japan, with the aim to enhance the corporation and friendship of Asian Wushu, to improve Wushu technique and to promote the development of Wushu in Asia.

The first Executive Committee was formed by the President Mr. Xu Cai (China), followed by Vice-Presidents Mr. Muraoka Kyuhei (Japan) and Mr. Ian C. W. Fok (Hong Kong); Secretariat-General Mr. Zhao Shuang; and Executive Committee Member Mr. Lee Khoon Choy (Singapore) . There were 11 countries and regions joined as a member under the WFA including China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Malaysia, Macau, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

Since “The 1st Asian Wushu Championship” hosted by Japan in September 1987, WFA have had held Wushu Championship once every two years. By the end of 2018, WFA have held “The 9th Asian Wushu Championship” hosted by Chinese Taipei in 2016, “The 9th Asian Junior Wushu Championship” hosted by South Korea in 2017, "The 1st Asian Cup Wushu Sanda Competition" hosted by China in 2017 and "The 1st Asian Traditional Wushu Championships" hosted by China in 2018.

Under the efforts of the WFA, Wushu has been listed as an official game since the 11th Asian Games, and it was as well as for the East Asian Games and the Southeast Asian Games.

The term 2014 - 2018 of the WFA Executive Committee was elected in Incheon South Korea in 2014. Mr. Ian C. W. Fok was appointed as the new President of the WFA, followed by Vice-Presidents Mr. Muraoka Kyuhei (Japan), Mr. Hoang Vinh Giang (Vietnam), Mr. Kee Yong Wee (Malaysia) and Mr. Mahdi Alinejad (Iran); Secretariat-General Mr. Chan Weng Kit (Macau) and the Deputy-Secretary General Mr. Wang Yulong (China). The secretariat office was transferred from Japan to Macau.

The new session of the Executive Committee for the term 2018 to 2022 was elected on the 17th Congress during the 18th Asian Game. Fok Chun Wan remains to serve as the President; Mahdi Alinejad (Iran), Zhang Qiuping (China), Julian Camacho (Philippines) and Park Chang Bum (Korea) as Vice-Presidents. Chan Weng Kit as the Secretary General; and Executive Committee Members Li Bobo (Myanmar), Yang Mei Jung (Chinese Taipei), Bhupender Bajwa (India), Okasaki Yutaka (Japan), Chong Kim Fatt (Malaysia)  and Airlangga Hartarto (Indonesia). The secretariat office is now located in Macau.

As of August 2018, Wushu Federation of Asia has reached 37 members.